Vowel Kids Activity Set


This cute little printable activity set features 5 children at two stages of life: toddler age with a lower-case vowel, and kindergarten age with an upper-case vowel. Little Ones can relate to the little and “grown-up” version of each vowel, …

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Free Rhymes Worksheets


  This adaptable worksheet packet can be used with preschoolers (if the adult reads the words to the child) all the way to first grade students (more independently). The 12 pages in this printable packet are a mix of b&w …

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Summer Splash rhyming fun


  This summertime fun set contains 96 cards, divided into 24 sets of 4 rhyming word cards: — one of six summer kids graphics to the left and the first word — a rhyming word with the ending to look for …

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Compound Words activity set


  This printable set includes everything you need to introduce and practice forming compound words.   There are 54 small word cards that combine with one or several of the other cards to make new, longer, compound words.  There is also …

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How Do You Feel? emotions activities


  This printable fun set includes a full-page poster with 20 feelings-faces, plus 36 printable cards showing these and 16 more!   Hang the poster and ask kids to point out how they’re feeling throughout the day.   Or have …

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Ask or Tell sentences game


  This unique printable game is a way to get kindergarteners or first graders actively practicing two types of sentences and their end punctuation: asking sentences — interrogative — question marks telling sentences — declarative — periods   Included is …

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