Cube Friends Place Value Game

This game may be a bit advanced for beginning kindergarteners, but should be fun to play around with by the end of the year.

Practice hundreds, tens, and ones with cute little cube boys and girls. Simply draw and exchange cards until you have one of each place (hundreds, tens, ones) and use the cards to write your special number on the playing board. The winner (if you want to have one) is the first to fill up their sheet. Make multiple copies of the cards for larger groups.

Pages from this FREE printable game packet: (Click to view larger)

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free printable place value game cute for kids cube friends hundreds tens ones   CubeFriends1

This game can be played as a game for small groups, or as a math center for individual practice.

Homeschool families can involve everyone by giving each family member (2 to 4) a place value and/or the role of recorder. For example: the oldest lays out one of their hundreds cards, the second oldest lays out one of their tens cards, and the next youngest lays out one of their ones cards, then the youngest (a kindergartener?) records the number and reads it out loud to the group.

Being one of my original games from the early 2000’s, this game packet also includes tips on printing and storing games as well as making cards more durable for extended use.


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    this is a good page for my little sister I am in 5th grade and she is in kinder garden.

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