Free Caterpillar Craze alphabet words activity

free printable Caterpillar Craze alphabet matching game for kids preschool or kindergarten letter recognition skills
Caterpillar Craze is a free printable letter recognition activity for preschool or kindergarten.  There are 52 cards, each with either an Adjective beginning with an upper-case letter or an animal beginning with a lower-case letter.  Together, they make little 2-word cutsie phrases such as:

  • Angry alligators
  • Beautiful bears
  • Creepy caterpillars
  • Funny ferrets
  • Kindly kangaroos
  • Noisy numbats
  • Riotous raccoons
  • Zany zebras


Print the word cards back-to-back with the 6 different types of caterpillars for visual clues to match upper-case to lower-case letters, or use just the lower-case word cards and put them in alphabetical order.  You can also make animal phrases and then draw the animals, along with the letter or words for each.  Cards can also be used for a memory-style matching game, or for hanging on a bulletin board or other display.

Sample pages from this packet — click to view larger:

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This printable preschool or kindergarten activity set is completely free for your own personal home or classroom use.  Please do not distribute to anyone in any format, other than in printed format to your own students.
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