Fun Figures Match

This fun little lotto-style visual discrimination game was designed for classroom use, as it includes 12 different playing boards. The game can also be played at home or in a small group setting such as a preschool or day care group.

Players select a playing board and one card at a time is turned over, each showing a different letter or cartoon-style figure. All players having that item cover it on their board, and the winner is the first to cover all nine spaces.

The printable PDF packet includes:
– 12 different playing boards
– 34 calling cards
– 1 calling board to keep track of items called
– Full instructions
– Ideas for extension activities
– Printing & storage tips

Sample pages from this printable game — click to view larger:

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This fun printable game can easily be purchased and downloaded for only $2 USD from TeachersPayTeachers!

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