Site Contents Moving… Last Chance!

Just a quick note to let you know that ALL contents of this site, along with that of all my other sites, will soon be relocated to a single, secure new site that encompasses far more subjects than just PreK-1. At that time, all visitors here will be automatically redirected to the new site and ALL PAID MEMBERS will have access to ALL printable materials there, not just the PreK-1 materials alone.


At least for the next 3 weeks – April 19 through May 10th – I will be accepting new Lifetime Members. This MAY be the last time I do this, and as mentioned ALL memberships will soon include materials well beyond JUST the PreK-1 stuff.


PLEASE TAKE NOTE that when I transfer to the new site, not ALL materials will be available to those who do NOT have a membership at that time… ONLY LIFETIME MEMBERS are guaranteed ongoing access over the coming years, as I MAY not sell memberships of any length on the new site, but will ALWAYS honor memberships already purchased here.


If you have questions or know someone who would be interested in purchasing the DOMAIN ONLY (the URL) — NOT the contents — of this site, please send me a quick note. My contact information is on My Gravatar Page.


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