4 x 4 Lotto game


This printable game packet provides everything you need for immediate game time fun! Match each card to a space on one of four simple playing boards. Includes 64 cards, each with a colorful cartoonish graphic of an animal, a person, …

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Arnie and Friends alphabet pages


  This printable worksheet packet includes one cutesy animal page for each letter of the alphabet.   Skills practiced: Tracing capital letters Tracing lower case letters Writing your own letters, on and off lines Finding specific letters in words within …

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Free 3 x 3 Lotto preschool matching game


  This adorable set includes 36 cutsie sweet animal cards and 4 playing boards (3×3 with 9 spaces per board). Have fun matching each card to a space on the boards — either as an independent activity or as a …

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Hatchin’ Alphabet activity set


  Lay out several chicks with upper and lower case letters on each. Lay out the pieces of the corresponding eggs, each piece with either the upper or the lower case letter. Find the two pieces of each egg to …

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Free Numbers Worksheets!


  This set of 24 printable worksheets features fun animals and child-friendly graphics your young learners will enjoy. Skills practiced in this free numbers worksheet packet: counting to 10 number recognition to 10 writing numbers to 10 number order, 1 …

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Free Feed the Puppies early math play set


  These 10 puppies are hungry! Feed them the right bowl, from one of three sets of bowl cards: — count the dots — addition to 10 — subtraction to 10 Very simple, yet a favorite with the little ones. …

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Free Apple Worms counting play set


  This printable play set includes 10 big bold apples, each with a number printed on front and a curved dotted line near the top. Use a craft knife to cut along the dotted line, and slip a worm through …

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Clumsy Eagles: subtraction to 10


  Use this unique and colorful activity set to practice subtraction to 10. Includes two complete activities – over 150 cards! The first activity features 16 large cards with a number of eagles. How many eagles all together? How many have dropped …

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Free Webby Words alphabet activity


  This set has at least 2 word cards for each letter of the alphabet — but the first letter is missing! Add a spider to each web (adding a beginning letter to each word) and make as many good words …

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Silly Same and Different


  Practice visual discrimination with these 30 large, colorful, and silly cards made just for tiny hands and short attention spans! The set includes 15 cards that ask, “Which one is different?” and shows 4 or 5 silly characters… plus 15 cards that ask, “Which …

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Peanut Counter activity set


  This fun little set includes: 10 large round-corner cards from 0 to 9 50 peanut-shaped counters 9 “plus 1” cards for counting on one more   Practice counting, number recognition, and adding on one with these fun elephants and …

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Free Adding Cats self-checking cards


  This fun set of printable self-checking cards is great for mastering addition facts to 12!   Each card features a different addition problem, illustrated by a collection of friendly cat faces.  Three possible sums (answers) are given, each with …

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Color Birds activity set


  Ten mother birds of different colors wait at their nest boxes.   Add a nest with eggs the same color.   Add a father bird of the same color.   Finally, find the word that is printed in that …

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Same Games: visual discrimination cards


  This fun set of cards are entertaining while they help build the valuable readiness skills of critical thinking and visual discrimination.   There are 36 square cards and 9 strip cards (total of 45 cards in all), each asking …

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Free French Animal Friends cards


  This adorable set of 40 large cards is perfect for little hands!   Each quarter-page sized card features a fun animal picture and the animal’s name in French.   Leave the cards as they are and print them as …

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Free Butterfly Patterns activity


  This colorful activity packet includes 16 butterfly pattern cards and 24 butterfly cards to continue each pattern or create your own.   Of course, the cards may also be used for visual discrimination, matching, and other preschool and kindergarten …

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Free Pups for Sorting activity


  This delightful little printable game is great fun for young minds.   Use the included poster to inspire critical thinking or kindergarten readiness skills discussions using the 29 different puppy figures. Either cut out around each pup, or leave …

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Free Caterpillar Craze alphabet words activity


  Caterpillar Craze is a free printable letter recognition activity for preschool or kindergarten.  There are 52 cards, each with either an Adjective beginning with an upper-case letter or an animal beginning with a lower-case letter.  Together, they make little 2-word …

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