Vowel Kids Activity Set


This cute little printable activity set features 5 children at two stages of life: toddler age with a lower-case vowel, and kindergarten age with an upper-case vowel. Little Ones can relate to the little and “grown-up” version of each vowel, …

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Free Alphabet Sounds Reading Cards


  Alphabet Sounds Reading Cards features: — 26 double-sided cards, one for each letter of the alphabet — 12 single-sided (or print back-to-back, if you prefer) bonus cards Letter cards feature the letter and a picture of an item that …

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Compound Words activity set


  This printable set includes everything you need to introduce and practice¬†forming compound words.   There are 54 small word cards that combine with one or several of the other cards to make new, longer, compound words.¬† There is also …

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