Weather Lotto game

This little game is simple and sweet.

Give each player or team a lotto-style playing board, each showing 9 weather or seasons words. On each turn, players pick a picture card and try to fit it on their board. The winner is the first to cover all 9 spaces.

Many spaces match several different picture cards. For example, 5 cards show some version of “winter” and 3 different cards show “windy” (clouds blowing, a tree being blown in the wind, and leaves being blown around).

A few spaces may have only one possible picture card to cover it. For example, there is really only one card that can be considered to show a “tornado“.

In preparation for the game, or as part of your weather unit study, use the picture cards and have children give their own name to the picture. Is this one sunny or hot? Winter or cold? Could it be both?


Sample pages from this packet — click to view larger:

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You can easily purchase and download this printable game for less than two dollars at TeacherPayTeachers, PayLoadz, or the Australian Teacher’s Marketplace.


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